Welcome to the jackson township

SNOW REMOVAL ..... During the winter season, the Jackson Township Road Department asks that you please note the following:

  • The Road Department does not plow private driveways or private roads.
  • Do not plow, shovel or blow snow into or across the road. This can be a hazard to motorists and create problems for our snowplow drivers.
  • Please do not put trash cans or portable basketball hoops into roadway when snowplows are going to be plowing.
  • We apologize for pushing snow into your driveways; however, this is unavoidable.
  • If we have large amounts of snow, snowplows will make one pass through their route to open up the roads. We will be making a second pass through the same route at a later time.
  • Main roads and hills throughout the township are salted and plowed first; then the secondary roads.
  • Please, stay at least 50 feet back from our snowplows. If we have to back up, we cannot always see directly behind our trucks, which could cause an accident. We also have salt spraying out from our spreaders and it might hit your vehicle.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP DRAINAGE ..... Landowners and homeowners usually are inquiring who then can turn to for assistance regarding drainage issues.

RECYCLING PROGRAM ..... In cooperation with the

OSS Solid Waste District, the township provides a full-time

recycling service for its residents. Participation in the

recycling program is encouraged and appreciated.

24-hour video surveillance has been added to the

recycling center. Republic Services serves our township.

BRUSH RECYCLING PROGRAM ..... A joint effort between the township trustees and Universal Landscaping.

PUBLIC RECORDS POLICY ..... By order of the State Of Ohio, The Jackson Township trustees are to make all records available and viewable by the public if requested.

BEFORE YOU LIGHT IT ..... Know Ohio's open burning rules. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU DIG.....Have a project to start in your yard? Do it the SAFE way. Consult or dial 811 before you start to map out utility lines, gas lines, etc. Jackson Township is also a cooperating partner with the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (